“The Revolution Will Be Weird”

Can We Riot Now?


(ed. Originally published Jan. 14, 2012 – here.)

The revolution will be improvised. At times, that will work out badly. At other times, that will work out beautifully.
The revolution will be carefully calculated. At times that will work out badly. At other times, that will work out beautifully.
The revolution will not be limited to election seasons and news cycles.
The revolution will be full of awkward silences and tangential rants. It will also sometimes stutter and contradict itself. But occasionally, the revolution will be the embodiment of eloquence and it will articulate itself with stunning clarity and artful precision.
The revolution will talk about its feelings.
Sometimes the revolution will say:
I feel lonely
I feel scared,
I feel hopeful.
Sometimes people will ask how the revolution is and the revolution will say its fine when it is really not fine.
Sometimes the revolution will say:
I don’t want to do this.
This is too much.
I don’t think I can do this.
But, the revolution will be given the space to experience these feelings of inadequacy wherein the revolution will say to itself, “wait a minute—I’m the fucking revolution! Of course I feel all of these things. Being the revolution is like, a pretty big task.”
The revolution will be patient while simultaneously maintaining a sense of urgency because the revolution knows that structural violence, state-sponsored terrorism, endemic suffering, tremendous injustice and massive repression are enduring realities.
The revolution will be charming. The revolution will be weird. The revolution will be the anti-hero—the funny friend, the one with the funniest lines and the most poignant, unexpected insights.
The revolution will include magic, spontaneous revelations, radical acts of transformation and beer.
Oh yes, the revolution includes beer, although it also offers non-alcoholic beverages and purified tap water.

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