We Will Get What We Take


(ed. Originally published as the tear gas started to clear in Oakland, Jan. 29, 2012 – here!)


When are these kids gonna realize that they can’t solve the world’s problems? That everything is just fine, or at least bearable to roughly 40 percent of the population. It’s all gonna turn around soon. It always does. It’s just a bubble. The middle-class will be strong again in no time. We just need to close the borders, and keep jobs in America — for Americans! We just need poor people to stop taking advantage of the system. If I didn’t have to pay for everyone’s education and welfare checks and food stamps, I wouldn’t be in this mess. It has nothing to do with the fact that companies promote child sweatshop labor, that we force subsidized, genetically-modified agriculture products into the third world, forcing mass exodus or starvation. Never mind the earth rotting under my feet, the poisonous air I’m breathing. Never mind the millions of children living in poverty, and the millions of children overseas who’s lives we destroy just so we can not feed our own. Never mind those prisons, filled to the brim, fuller and more dense than any other society that has ever existed on the planet. Never mind those militarized police lobbing flash bang grenades into a crowd of people holding peace shields (because signs just can’t protect one from this type of assault), never mind those helicopters circling overhead. Never mind, because if I don’t do anything wrong, there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s patently obvious to all rational beings (Americans) that if you try and use a space that is not being used to provide free healthcare, food, services, housing and education to poor people, you will be brutalized. Kettled like animals. Beaten. This is America, after all. The place where we shoot people attempting to create a community center in an unused building with rubber bullets. Where we teargas women and children. Where we shut the media out so we can’t see the nasty things we’re doing, like some closeted pedophile who’s tied up his prepubescent daughter in some dank basement. Ashamed at his sickness, but troublingly turned on as well. This sickness has a name. It is capitalism, hand in bloody hand with fascism. But it’s really not that bad, no one was killed tonight here in Oakland. Why hide behind these black masks? What on earth are these kids scared of? What are their demands? What do they want? What’s wrong? Does anybody see anything wrong?




Long live the Oakland Commune! Fuck the Police!

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