An Unstable Narcissist Tries to Bully a Servant of the People


WITH SUE BASKO (allegedly).

"Sue." (Allegedly)

“Sue.” (Allegedly)

(ed. Originally published Feb. 29, 2012 – here!)


Who is Sue Basko?

Since day one of Occupy LA, this unstable individual who claims to be a lawyer has assiduously tried to control the movement, at first through simply blogging on the Occupy LA site warning against civil disobedience (No Banner drops! Stay on the sidewalk! Don’t smoke in Solidarity Park! It’s illegal!) and then by targeting, harassing, cyber-stalking and defaming individuals whom she erratically claims to be “Psy-Ops”, “Cointelpro”, “Undercover Police”, “CIA” or “MI5”. No one has ever met this woman at an OLA event or GA. She was banned from the OLA website early on for being provocative and troublesome, and yet after a brief hiatus, returned, and seems to have wormed her way back into favor with the same webmaster who spends his time making creepy videos about women occupiers and posting them under the OLA name.

A quick google search reveals Ms. Basko seems to spend a lot of time on the internet harassing a large variety of people, amongst them an autistic children’s support group. She was called out for trying to get $5,000 of OLA resources money to fund a TM suit over the Occupy name which she would, of course, represent, despite the fact that this is not in her area of law practice, and has been banned from the OLA Legal Committee for consistently harassing their members, including NLG Lawyers Carol Sobel and Matthew Strugar.

Our question at OLAASM is – does Sue Basko have a serious mental disorder, or is she, in fact, a completely fictitious human being? It’s doubtful that a woman who no one has ever seen in person, and has created an internet trail of continued harassment and abuse, could ever forge a career as a lawyer. An article quoting Sue Basko briefly appeared on Truthdig, but was then just as quickly deleted, presumably following complaints about the infamous Ms. Basko’s frightening behavior.

Last night Basko sent a friend request on Facebook to an Occupy member who has been a supporter of OLAASM. As soon as her request was accepted, “in the interest of building bridges”, according to the Occupy Member, Ms. Basko attempted to cyber bully him over instant message. What follows is a transcript of the exchange. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

At first thinking he was another occupier, with the same last name, she began with a practiced bravado.

SB: Hey ___ I notice you have a lot of comments about me. What’s up?

OM: Sister, I’m not ____, My only comment about you is that I did not enjoy, nor think responsible or ethical, the crazy smear article you wrote about OLAASM… For the record sister, most of their members I’ve met are just kids, from poor or middle class backgrounds, smart kids, dedicated to the movement. Attacking them as Psy-ops is not only not true, it is a poorly researched claim that is both counterproductive and let’s be honest, a bit childish.

For the most part, your blog is an interesting read, well informed, even with the occasional authoritarian tone, but this post was a steaming pile of reactionary horseshit. Be better, for the sake of what the people are trying to accomplish.

SB: Before I wrote the blog post, I point blank asked a few of them if they are infiltrators. I feel like it is wrong to say which ones, but you can probably guess. I know what I am talking about. i write with authority because I am a lawyer and also have about 4 decades of experience with protest/ activism/ media activism/ organizing.

OM: Yes, I can guess which ones you asked, but just because someone did time, does not make them an agent, in fact it denotes exactly the opposite. As one who has given two decades of my life to the struggle as well, I feel it is irresponsible to villainize someone for being incarcerated, and the email about sister ____ was reckless, and counterproductive as well. Having spent many hours talking with, and reading the body language of said individuals, I do not believe that in this case you do know what you’re talking about. If you have actual evidence to the contrary, please release it,immediately, and prove me wrong. If not, please take the time to get to know these brothers and sisters, you may be surprised at how much you like them.

SB: The people I am talking about never did time. You are guessing the wrong ones totally. Nothing I have done is irresponsible. All I do is speak the truth about the people who are harassing and defaming the Occupy LA volunteers. I believe in doing what is good and right. Do you realize that the OLAASM group has harassed and defamed people day after day? The people they harass are the ones that work the hardest and give the most. It is wrong. They have harassed the people running the web site, the social media, the live streamers, the lawyers, the medics, many of the Black or Hispanic leader types, and on and on*.

(*“Actually we at Occupy the Hood appreciate all the support we have received from OLAASM” An Occupy the Hood Member told us in a phone conversation earlier today.)

OM: We’re adults, and should hold ourselves above such reactionary conduct. Personally I hate the list serve, and feel it weakens the movement to be able to snipe at people on the internet. You shouldn’t take it personally, as I don’t think these people were aware of who you were at all until they saw the myspace. If you have actual evidence of someone being an agent, I feel it is your duty to present it to the people, openly and completely, but only if it is actual evidence, not suspicion. The reference to our formerly incarcerated brother, was made by you, in a comment on your own blog, and completely not cool, in my opinion sister. I would however love to see any evidence you have gathered on infiltration, as I may be wrong, which sometimes happens. My point really is that making accusations without presenting direct evidence cheapens all of the good blogging you have been doing, and Your attempt to smear ____with a bogus email claiming she was CIA was childish, and even dangerous. Have you ever had a conversation with her? CIA? Come on, that is what is known as Snitch-jacketing, and it can get people hurt, or killed.

SB: What myspace? Not sure what you are talking about.
I NEVER SENT ANYONE AN EMAIL ABOUT ____ BEING IN THE CIA. Whoever is telling you that made it up. it is more defamation. Where are you getting this fake info from? There is NO REFERENCE to anyone formerly incarcerated on my blog. Again, this is also a lie. Where are you getting this bizarre fake info? I am asking you seriously — WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS BIZARRE FAKE INFO? NONE OF IT IS EVEN SLIGHTLY TRUE.

OM: ”What myspace? Not sure what you are talking about.”

”There is NO REFERENCE to anyone formerly incarcerated on my blog.”

Submitted by Sue Basko on Fri, 02/03/2012 – 4:20pm
Dear J Monroe, It has come to my attention that the “head” of the OLAASM group states in his own blog that he is a convicted felon who did 3 years in prison for armed robbery. It sounds as if he did those robberies as a white man and very privileged. This is not a simple situation, but rather, a very dangerous situation for all involved. It is nothing to be scoffed at or ignored.

Sue Basko, Lawyer

OM: So you didn’t post this comment on your own blog post, in your name, on

SB: That is a reply on the OccupyLosAngeles website to a Comment writer who was minimizing how dangerous the people in OLAASM are. That is NOT defamation, it just states the facts. The guy who uses OLAASM to harass and threaten people is an ex-con who has a God complex, thinks he is a messiah, and carries a gun.

Which part of that do you think is not true?

I am trying to understand — WHY exactly are you standing up for the bad guy?

OM: This brother does not have a Jesus complex, he’s a good guy, a true servant of the people. I am not defending the bad guy, because in this scenario there are no bad guys, just hurt feelings, and misunderstandings that poured out into this world wide web of half truths and bullshit we call the internet. Let’s be honest, your article was written in direct response to the OLAASM post about the media team. And has probably been made worse with their calling Occupy Congress an org which you support, a steaming pile of shit, or some such thing. The timing of your post makes that obvious. Which is ok, you were understandably angry, OLAASM took what OC posted as an open invitation, and shat on it, in public. Calling them Psy-ops or agents however, was a step too far, in my opinion, and made you look like an angry person, rather than the educated, well meaning woman say you are.

SB: OLAASM is either a Psy-Ops campaign or the work of criminals. To be honest — I think it is a combination. Sorry if you did not enjoy the blog post. It got rave reviews and thank-yous nationally. I am not an “angry” person, I am just a very intelligent, and very very street smart person. (Keep in mind, most of my music work is with rappers, and there are reasons they trust me..) oh and I want to explain the things being done by Olaasm ppl are CRIMES, not “hurt feelings.” And also that I have no idea what Occupy Congress is.

OM: ”I NEVER SENT ANYONE AN EMAIL ABOUT ____ BEING IN THE CIA. Whoever is telling you that made it up. it is more defamation. Where are you getting this fake info from?”

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 14:24:05 -0800
From: Sue Basko <>
Cc: Sue Basko <>
“<>” «>>, “<>” «>>, “<>” «>>

I also ASK that you remove K—— W——- from your list serve or group. Please read the linked post below to understand why.

At Occupy LA, we have identified K——- as being a source of misinformation and defamation against MANY others in Occupy LA. It is believed K—— is one of the main people behind OLAASM (Occupy LA Anti-Social Media), which is a twitter and website set up to harass and defame Occupy LA participants.

If you would like to read more about what OLAASM has done, please see this post on the Occupy LA site — the info in the post has been backed up by MANY of he victims of the OLAASM group. This post explains that undercover agents are working online to discredit people in the Occupy movement.


Thank you, Sue Basko

CM: You snitch-jacketed that sister, fact, plain and simple, how are OLAASM criminal? I am confused. When does the fact that someone is an ex-con, stress ex, mean you have the right to label them a a criminal? Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re an entertainment lawyer, go write a damn contract, because you have made it obvious you knowledge criminal law is rudimentary at best. As far as I know, the sister you snitch-jacketed has no connection to OLAASM, other than being a fan, and this brings us back to real research, and the production of evidence, as a lawyer you should know, if you can’t prove it, it’s not true. “And also that I have no idea what Occupy Congress is.”
And all the occupy congress posts and pics on your wall make that 4 lies in less than 24 hours, as I said, grow up, and get past your own ego. Fuck your ego, fuck my ego, this is about the people, I guess since you just blocked me, you have nothing more to say. Which is sad, guess you are not as smart as you claim to be„ don’t worry, I knew your claim of intelligence was a lie already,because I looked at the evidence. guess that makes 5.

When reached for comment, the beleaguered occupier had this to say.

“I feel kind of bad about putting her on blast like this, she just seems like a very sad lady, but damn. I mean she actually said, “I am just a very intelligent, and very very street smart person. (Keep in mind, most of my music work is with rappers, and there are reasons they trust me..)” What? I know a lot of rappers, usually their only connection to the streets is that the happen to live on one, what the hell is she talking about? Just by saying that, she proved herself to be just the opposite. This person is crazy, I just want to have a public record, in case she snaps one day and I get caught in the crossfire.”

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