Solidarity Forever Alex

(ed. Originally published after the tragic loss of our comrade on Feb. 22, 2012 – here.)

OLAASM mourns today the loss of a true comrade, Alex Weinschenker, who fell victim to the disease of addiction and the illegal war on drugs. Alex was a radical, an anarchist, a fearless warrior for the Occupy movement, and an incredibly talented artist. Even those who did not know Alex personally probably wore his artwork on bandanas, t-shirts and scarfs, saw his signs waved at protests. Alex worked tirelessly in OLA’s Printlab with his good friends Kat, Jesse and Eddie, and was a proud and much-loved member of Bike Scum. He leaves his spirit behind in a beautiful son, River, and Devon, the mother of his child. His OLA family will miss him greatly, and always strive to embody the uncompromising principles of our tireless comrade.

Solidarity Forever, Alex.


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