#M17 Report Back

(ed. Originally published March 18, 2012 – here!)

“[We] wouldn’t even call them protesters. Police arrested one guy for trying to jump over the fence, three others for other things.”LAPD pig, Bruce Borihanh

Yesterday, a small gathering of Occupiers across the road from Solidarity Park, the site of our fallen encampment, was brutally broken up by the LAPD. Occupiers gathered to sing, play music, eat vegetarian soup and remember their comrades and our encampment. However, LAPD viciously attacked, and illegally arrested, four comrades who were plucked out of the crowd and targeted for doing nothing but gathering on the sidewalk in a public space. Anthony Lascano has been charged with Felony Lynching, Craig Toennies has been charged with Felony resisting, Brandon Brown has a misdemeanour, and Zachary Johnson has again been charged with Felony Resisting.

This placid pig was allegedly just "assaulted."

This placid pig was allegedly just “assaulted.”

Eye witnesses confirm the four were peacefully assembling on a cold, rainy day in Los Angeles with other Occupiers, and were attacked needlessly by LAPD, intent on turning a peaceful gathering, into something more sinister. The brutal oppression of civil rights continues in this town. After the arrests, OLA took the streets, and marched down Figueroa, shutting down an intersection, before arriving at LA Live to protest outside the Marriott against HRC’s laughable and ridiculous nomination of a Goldman Sach’s CEO as a marriage equality spokesperson. Of course, Villainraigosa showed his hypocritical face at an event to honor this farce.

"Spring into Revolt"

“Spring into Revolt”


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