Fuerza Hernandez

"A Las Barricadas"

“A Las Barricadas”

(ed. Text originally published October 16, 2012 – here! Additional videos added January 1, 2014 are from later in the foreclosure defense action in the San Fernando Valley. OLAASM joined in this home defense, which generated International attention, in support of the Hernandez family’s struggle to retain their home against the banks. After a long, spirited resistance – however – that particular battle was lost to the collusion of the banks, their corrupt courts and the brutal, foot soldiers – the fucking pigs. La luche sigue!)

Fort “Fuerza” Hernandez
14620 Leadwell Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405


Contact: Adam Rice,
tel#: 773-908-xxxx email: occupyforthernandez@gmail.com
15 October 2012

VAN NUYS, CA, Oct 15 –

In what can only be understood as continued harassment on behalf of banks and retaliation for resistance, LAPD cruisers and a Department of Sanitation truck lined the street outside the Hernandez family’s Van Nuys home this afternoon and declared that furniture and a temporary wooden barricade on the property are violations of city sidewalk ordinance 56.11.

The Hernandez family, facing imminent foreclosure, currently have proceedings pending before the court for two earlier 56.11 citations, noting that there are no sidewalks in front of their home and no immediate threat to public health or safety. The Hernandez family has erected the ten-foot barricade in symbolic protest of their impending, fraudulent eviction by Bank of America with the help of neighbors, the Occupy Movement, and other grassroots groups.

On Saturday, five officers from the narcotics division lurked in three unmarked cars outside the Hernandez home waiting for Ulises Hernandez to emerge. Shortly after 5:00 p.m., they seized Mr. Hernandez giving no explanation at the time of arrest. Hernandez is the spokesperson for the ongoing protest at his home, dubbed “Fort Hernandez,” devoted to putting a personal face on the foreclosure crisis.

Hernandez later said that after asking his name, police asked where he was born. When he requested a lawyer, the officers started to place the call but put down the phone, ended their questioning, and put him in a holding cell. He was held there for hours without knowing the charges against him.

In a second interrogation, he was questioned about the Fort Hernandez protest. Only after friends posted the $561 fine did police tell Hernandez that the warrant that brought out a squad of narcotics officers was for the infraction of riding on the bus without paying the $1.50 fare.

A week ago, the Hernandez family went to the LAPD Commissioner’s meeting to file a formal grievance demanding Chief Charlie Beck investigate harassment and attempted intimidation. There, Mr. Hernandez provided evidence of a 15 minute harassing monologue and attempted provocation by an LAPD Sergeant. The complaint was also in response to a pre-dawn visit from 40 LAPD officers, some in riot gear, during which, the officers issued the family a sanitation citation for sofas and armchairs that line the front edge of the property.

After his release from custody on that same day of the arrest, Hernandez summed up his three-hour visit to the Van Nuys jail: “It’s another show of intimidation. They’re trying to make us make a mistake in any way possible.” He returned home at about 9:00 p.m., greeted with cheers, hugs, and balloons from family and community supporters at Fort Hernandez.


The following videos from the Hernandez Family

document their 2012 struggle to keep their home:

9/17/12 | the state escalates against the Hernandez family, threatening to take children:

9/27/12 | a video documenting the “occupation” and LAPD’s reactionary tactics:

9/28/12 | the Hernandez family holds a block and piñata party for Leadwell Street:

9/29/12 | the family delivers a letter to the LAPD denouncing their

10/4/12 | The LAPD sends 40 goons in riot gear at 5 AM to deliver a notice:

10/4/12 | Rogue pig Lieutenant Gavin of the LAPD performs bizarre monologue

10/9/12 | Ulises Hernandez confronts the LAPD Police Commission

10/11/12 | Still Standing

10/17/12 | More “notices” from the city and LAPD arrive

10/25/12 | La Familia Hernandez, why they fight!

10/29/12 | Day 65 – the LAPD return for the barricades, “A Las Barricadas”

10/30/12 | Day 66 – Unafraid, the Hernandez family returns to LAPD police commission

10/31/12 | to observe Halloween & a new barricade, the Hernandez family host a party:

11/3/12 | in solidarity with Niko Black, Fuerza Hernandez marches on the banks:

11/7/12 | the Hernandez family unveils the art of their new barricade

11/8/12 | Day 75 at Fuerza Hernandez:

11/20/12 | Day 87 at Fuerza Hernandez:

11/27/12 | Day 94

11/28/12 | Eviction Day +95 – a small victory for the people

11/28/12 | Mama Lupe on the “American Dream”

12/19/12 | “The Sheriff Who Stole Christmas”

12/24/12 | Christmas Eve with Fuerza Hernandez:

The Hernandez family was evicted from their home by over 100 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies on 12/28/12 – just days after Christmas. Their story inspired many to resist and the family continues to share their experience in struggle and their strength with others in defiance of the predatory banks and the brutal pigs who do their bidding. La luche sigue!

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