Solidarity With resISTANBUL

(ed. originally published June 2, 2013 – here!)

This video stands out among all the so-called ‘riot porn’ I’ve masturbated vigorously to seen since Spring 2011, because it highlights the small victories that take place on the streets instead of reaffirming the myth of the omnipotent state and the perpetual – seemingly hopeless – victimization of protesters. If all we see is police brutality, the only people we are going to attract to our movements are masochists and other penitent, liberal-types. And fuck that. Obviously.

I don’t want to be martyred. I don’t seek absolution. And I don’t want to surround myself with people eager to martyr themselves (or worse, compel others to martyr themselves as “vicars” or representatives of me, either). I want to win. I want to be surrounded by people who know we can win. Defeatism should be the prevailing mood of dithering bureaucrats and the other ‘little Eichmanns’ who do the daily drudgery of the empire, not us. The pigs should feel futility and despair, not those striving for social justice!
It’s important that we show their fissures and our triumphs even more than we do their brutality and their evil. And getting a phalanx of brutal thugs to retreat is definitely a victory!

A las barricadas – from Gezi to Gaza, from South LA to Sanford, Florida!

The only "Slingshot" an "organizer" needs.

The only “Slingshot” an “organizer” needs.

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