Never Forget

"Never Forget"

“Never Forget”


(ed. Originally published on September 11, 2013 – here!)

So, it’s the 40 year anniversary of the Pinochet-led, US-backed coup that unseated Salvador Allende in Chile. To honor this brazen “artifact” from our imperial history, Secretary of State John Kerry decided to spend the day chit-chatting with unapologetic war criminal [and fascist coup mastermind] Henry Kissinger about potential, imperial intervention in Syria.

Kissinger, it should be noted, was an enthusiast of the “great game” (yet another term introduced by Rudyard Fucking Kipling, of both “white man’s burden” and “world’s oldest profession” phrase-coining infamy) that defined 19th Century British colonialism and is the actual reason the war in Vietnam finally ended. I know, I know – history and our self-satisfied, baby-boomer parents have (mis)taught us all that thousands of peaceful protesters singing Bob Dylan in the streets, sustained for a decade and a half – finally managed to appeal to the conscience of our leaders and convince them the Vietnam War was not “winnable” or was even “wrong.”

However, the reality is – Henry Kissinger was scheming both within the Johnson Administration (and with 1968 Democratic Presidential nominee, Hubert Humphrey) and for the Nixon campaign to ensure that his concept of imperialism finally prevailed and that open, military confrontation was replaced with more-insidious-but-equally-interventionist-and-more-privately-lucrative “realpolitik.” As he had done in his studies at Harvard, Kissinger reveled in exaltation of the colonial statesmen who had limited the British Empire’s open conflicts and instead used puppet-governments, coups and private armies in order to achieve their imperial objectives. Sounds vaguely familiar, right?

Anyway – enough about Henry fucking Kissinger for this screed. He’s pretty much one of the worst people in the history of the world. He basically held the Paris Peace Accords – which ended military conflict in Vietnam – hostage to his personal, political fortune. For this feat of egotism, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. He was awarded this “great prize” not long after – of course – the CIA and Pinochet began their 17 year reign of terror in Chile. Anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway… fuck that guy. Or actually – never fuck that guy. Goddamn it. I said enough about him! Sorry. Pissed. If Chileans burn our embassy to the ground, I’d nod and say, “yeah – we probably deserve that today.”

Finally if – like me – you have any interest in how utterly fucked up it is that John Kerry would invite Henry Kissinger to discuss the fate of Syria on the 40TH FUCKING ANNIVERSARY of the COUP that brought down Allende, installed a brutal fascist and used Chile itself as a test-case for the neoliberal economic theories of Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, feel free to watch any of these docs or pick up Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America:

The Chicago Conspiracy by CRIMETHINC
Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine
Hitchens’ The Trials of Henry Kissinger

It’s hard to believe that the message-massaging, Edward Bernays sycophants running this diabolical fucking empire would not understand the significance of any of this. You probably should understand it, too.

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