Shit That Pissed Us Off (Week in Review)



(ed. Originally published August 12, 2013 – here!)

First up, a Truthout piece about Robin Thicke’s popular rape anthem, “Blurred Lines” (now going more viral w/ kitchen instrument cover by Jimmy Fallon & The Roots).

Next, for some much needed levity, a look at the Weather Forecast.

That forecast becomes ever-more likely (or necessary) after this week’s unabashed piggery:

From nearby Santa Ana, police kill unarmed homeless man.

“LAPD” (I think it’s actually LAWAPD – the LAX police) harasses “tatted-up gangsters”.

IOF thugs abuse Palestinian kids in Hebron.

Media still REALLY, REALLY wants a RIOT in Los Angeles.

Internet snitches do pigs’ work after surfer “riot” in Huntington Beach.

Despite Federal findings that LA Sheriff’s illegally “target blacks”, they hosted and honored a racist comedian this week.
LAPPL President Tyler Izen stokes fears of the release of another large number of inmates from state prison” and exaggerates ”a trend that shows an increase in attacks on police officers,” despite police data that demonstrates officer fatalities are at a 50-Year low and that most come from traffic accidents or “other” causes beside attacks on pigs.

OC pig pepper sprays teens’ pizza, causes sickness.

Florida pigs (where Zimmerman is from) shot 60 year old man in own car at own house.

IACA will host William Bratton at their “annual conference” in Fort Lauderdale (200 miles from Sanford, FL).
Daniel Chong, held for 4 days in solitary by DEA in San Diego, wins $4 million settlement.  For those playing along at home, that’s $1mil/day for the same torture that took the life of 1 hunger striker this week.

LAPD from Foothill Division pleads “no contest” to molestation charges.

Our comrade Lizbeth Mateo is still being held in Arizona’s CCA-run, private prison called ELOY Detention Center along with eight others, sometimes in solitary.

Greenwald still talking about the NSA.

Of course, after all that, you probably need (as I do) an uplifting video about how soccer fans respond to police brutality. This one is a classic, but people who collect stories like those above need to watch it every once in awhile to be reminded how awesome people can be:

Or some music from our childhood. “Great Cop” by Fugazi:

That’s it. For now. I’m going to go find more things to make me angry.


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