Stranger Danger: The Infiltration of Dissident Communities by Freedom House’s Sarah Kendzior

Stranger Danger - Not A Game

Stranger Danger – Not A Game

I can forgive you if you can’t recognize a hustle when you see one, let alone identify when you yourself are being targeted by that very hustle. Con artists, after all, rely on your confidence and trust in order to get what they want from you.

Cons, however, are something I know a little bit about; I once made my living playing poker – a game where exploiting the confidence of your opponents is crucial to survival.  To win at poker, you need your opponents to have confidence in their own hands, to overestimate their odds against you and to believe so much in your weakness that they’ll actually put their own survival on the line against you – when, in fact, you’re actually in a position of strength. You want to “get it in good;” to manipulate your opponents to ensure that you do and then hope your odds hold up. There is no other way to win. Eventually, everyone has to go “down to the felt.”

In poker, recognizing the tricks, feints and gambits that your opponents use against you, as well as, of course – their “tells” – is an indelible part of the game. Constant observation is key to differentiating a trick from a tell and also discerning their meaning. After all, trusting the way an opponent presents oneself is never a good barometer of who they are or what they’re doing. The only thing one knows for sure is that everyone is an enemy. A good poker player, then, is always asking herself, “What does that mean? What is my opponent trying to tell me?”

Overwrought flattery, wry smiles, winks, trembling hands, a tremulous voice, belabored breathing, heavy sighs, the shuffling of chips and other tells (both deliberate and incidental) are all part of the mystifying tapestry collectively woven at a table that a player must rend – thread by perplexing, individual thread – if they’re intent on winning the game. The woman in the Cartier bracelet spinning yarns about her wealth may be overplaying a bad hand with the very last dollars to her name, while the guy with dirty fingernails in the grungy hoodie who hasn’t said shit all night is often a professional shark sitting on a monster hand and waiting for his chance to clean you out. It takes studied observation over time to identify who is trying to trick you and who is telling you information you can use to win.

Performance of identity is an integral aspect of poker itself – and that performance is all about deception. Who am I today? Am I presenting as the brash, overconfident rube – the backwards-hat-wearing frat boy that I’m not – but am performing in order to agitate my opponents so they go “on tilt?” Or am I really that asshole? Who is to tell? A good player will keep you guessing.

While deceit is an inextricable part of poker, poker players have agreed on certain parameters; secret collusion amongst players is forbidden, for example. Furthermore, the goal of the game is apparent to everyone playing at the outset: win the last pot and take home everyone else’s money. There’s no confusion there. That’s why everyone came to the table to begin with.

Activists and organizers who use Twitter or other social media tools as part of their strategy to organize against power aren’t so lucky. The myriad ideological or personal goals of the many players involved in this space aren’t openly agreed upon or even known and, in fact, they may actually be in very real conflict, even if they don’t seem so at first glance. Let’s face it – we’re not all here for the same reason. There are, as there always have been, strangers amongst us on the internet.

So, without conclusive evidence that a player in the game isn’t playing above board – that they may, in fact, be working against your interests – it’s crucial to consider the patterns of behavior and the results of those behaviors themselves rather than to speculate about the motives behind them. Of course, if a player at the table openly says they work for the fucking casino itself, it’s probably important to consider that information, too.


– – – –


“All these scattered Uzbek dissidents began having blogs, began using social media, began having all these political conversations they’d never been able to have in a public space before and so I thought that was, you know, that was very interesting, and I wanted to continue to track that.– Sarah Kendzior

We’re not playing a game, here, folks – this isn’t poker – and those who continue to treat online organizing as a game (or merely as something to paternalistically observe, “track” and comment on exclusively when it services their personal, career trajectory) put those of us arrayed against the state at very real risk. Their professional distance and detachment from struggle itself and their far-too-often, far-too-cavalier attitudes about our collective security (our reputations, our ideological coherence, our pseudonymity and our ability to effectively organize) should be cause enough for alarm.

This alarm, the spine-tingling feeling that something is amiss – that someone is out of place and is doling out social capital or public discipline to obscure that simple fact – is a phenomenon I’ll call “stranger danger.” If you’ve felt this feeling, a gut-wrenching unease I’ve felt about Sarah Kendzior for some time now, it’s time we actually heed that alarm.

Sarah Kendzior has consistently tugged on the heartstrings, flattered the egos and promised (or actually delivered) real, material aid to an entire cadre of misguided, naive and demonstrably dangerous flacks whose personal investment in the public artifice of “Sarah Kendzior” has too often led them to viciously slander anyone they deem a threat to her unassailable #brand. This brand investment, one that seemingly leads otherwise intelligent folks to abandon all critical reason, is something we need to constantly examine in these spaces and a task OLAASM always committed ourselves to exploring.

Members of “Generation Like,” it seems sadly, can now seemingly be bought off for trifles like “Retweets” or “Favs,” and this cheap dispensation of social capital has been Kendzior’s stock and trade as long as I’ve followed her on Twitter. If you are in her social media orbit and have been instrumentalized by Kendzior to defend her on this or any of the patternized occasions where she relied on others to help obscure her politics, I urge you to reflect on one question: is it possible you’ve been hustled? What did you get for it? How cheap was your own complicity for her purchase?

This shouldn’t be a cause for shame, of course. In Edward Bernays’ seminal text Propaganda, Bernays – the master manipulator – observes:


“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”


Bernays continues:


“The group mind does not think in the strict sense of the word… In making up its mind, its first impulse is usually to follow the example of a trusted leader.”


If Kendzior selected you for flattery, cajolery or any of the other promises a stranger will often use to curry your future favor – it probably means, as a propagandist, she has identified you as a “leader.” Don’t be ashamed. It’s a compliment! Of course it’s embarrassing to get fooled, but we all get hustled eventually. Every poker player has once been fooled and it’s almost always their own ego that fools them in the end.

This is, unfortunately, a demonstration of how power always operates: carrots are dispensed for the select few who play along, sticks are wielded against the recalcitrant masses – swung all the more harshly against those whose very existence alone threatens power the most. Kendzior’s recent, scurrilous and unprincipled attack on the character of Doug Williams should serve as a clarion call to anyone committed to using social media spaces toward collective organizing. The attacks on him have been unscrupulous lies and ignoring those lies in deference to her well-cultivated, essential “victimhood” seems now nothing but the boilerplate deflection tactic of a well-coordinated PR blitz.

We must confront this behavior – a well-documented history of gossip, slander and character assassination – before it hurts anyone else, or before it further impairs our ability to organize ourselves against the greatest power known in human history: the kyriarchy that maintains the US empire itself. To that end, it’s important to consider the source of so many left-bashings in this space herself – Sarah Kendzior.

How have I come to think Sarah Kendzior is a lynchpin in this always-left-obliterating superstructure of social capital dispensing/destroying Twitter fuckery? Why am I singling her out? Studied observation. Again, this isn’t my first poker game.


– – – –


I used to support Sarah Kendzior’s work. As Williams himself keenly observed recently in The New Inquiry, her “discourse is wrapped in the language of concern and the language of the ally.” This a seductive affectation for anyone who believes intercommunal solidarity is essential to all our struggles. It’s also effective simply because I fucking care and can be confused by others who seemingly do, too.

I have come, however, to see Kendzior’s adept use of this discourse as little more than “mirroring;” a fraudulent co-optation of language insidiously employed only to insinuate herself within dissident communities. This is all the more dangerous because it obscures her very dangerous, reactionary politics.

Remember: Sarah Kendzior is – by her own admission in a recent interview  – a professional infiltrator of online, dissident communities. Her extensive, PhD-level career training as an anthropologist itself may very well reinforce what Diane Lewis called Anthropology’s “professional exploitation of subject matter” that itself is “an academic manifestation of colonialism.”

What does Kendzior do to actually challenge – let alone subvert – this inherently colonial power dynamic in her field? As a white Western observer, reporting through the very real “white gaze”, Kendzior occasionally gestures at inclusivity in media. That’s nice. But let’s remember: she does this while occupying an elite-and-whiteness-enabled perch within mass media herself – and while also seemingly never deconstructing how she herself got to that position or stepping back from her own privilege in any way to actually make space for others.

Disagreeing with how she wields her inordinate privilege is one thing, of course, but it strains credulity to believe that someone who earned a PhD studying a Uzbek dissident group’s use of social media can continue to be the source of so much strife within our own, dissident online community without knowing exactly what she is doing. That an “awww, shucks” cacophony continues to accompany Kendzior’s near-constant, bad faith provocations in this space belie her obvious intelligence and abundant, scholarly training in this very field.

Kendzior has proven herself immensely capable of utilizing social media spaces and wielding them to serve her will, to promote her own work and those of others whose politics she wants centered. That Kendzior is, yet again, not to be held accountable for her lies, manipulations, smears, state-serving politics and neoconservative-think-tank-funded red-baiting because she is a “she,” is a perilous position for any radical to take. How are her politics and how she embodies them not to subject to the same scrutiny we’d give a Brandon Darby?

Further, regardless of whether the wreckage Kendzior consistently creates in her wake is a result of naive disregard or willful sabotage, it should still be enough to just look at the wreckage itself and move to distance ourselves from a very obvious wrecking ball. So, let’s look at that wreckage.



The first time I became aware of Sarah Kendzior, she had written perhaps one of the most unethical, slanderous and unprofessional hatchet jobs ever posted, even to a mere blog. She got a lot of clicks for what is essentially little more than cherry-picked, blog-mining libel of another woman struggling to raise a family and share her own struggles. Kendzior decontextualized everything “Anarchist Soccer Mom” had written about over years of blogging, slapped it down under her own masthead to serve her own, finger-wagging narrative and essentially demanded her readers despise their author rather than empathize with her struggle. Is this the ethical stuff our media heroes are to be made of?

I don’t know anything about the subject of motherhood, so I didn’t really delve into it then – but what fascinates me now is not the subject of that kerfuffle itself, but rather how Kendzior responded to the inevitable pushback against her horrifyingly libelous screed:


The Mommy Blogger community has a threat problem...

The Mommy Blogger community has a threat problem…

Anonymous email threats. Go on an unethical, smeary attack – then retreat into the sanctity of unquestionable victimhood. Remember that. It might be relevant later.

So, I continued to follow Kendzior on Twitter, like some 31 thousand others, because she covers topics of interest to me and has a concise style that resonates there. It’s actually hard to avoid her in that space, so widespread is her reach. Anyway, I usually like smart people, particularly ones who seem to have an inclination toward leftist politics and (seem to) articulate the same. It wasn’t until May of 2014 that I was given real cause to suspect her politics weren’t at all what I had been led to believe they were.

On May 21, 2014 – the SEIU held a large demonstration at McDonald’s headquarters as part of their “Fight for Fifteen” campaign. That campaign, however, has taken real criticism from comrades like Scott Jay, who observed that while assuring “low-wage workers in Oakland, and elsewhere, are very likely going to get a long overdue raise,” the SEIU’s organizing tactics themselves seemed “to weaken such struggles and not further them.”

To compound suspicion, as the arrests themselves were unfolding that day, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry took to Twitter to thank police for their “diligence and service” in arresting workers! Labor historians don’t need to dig too deep to tell you that the police are the historical antagonist of collectivized, worker action. But as Jay had previously noted, it seemed obvious that SEIU was once again manufacturing “the veneer of struggle while limiting the power and political consequences of their actions.”

Enter Kendzior, who had written a middling, Jacob Riisian effort to propagandize the SEIU’s “Fight for Fifteen” campaign in April and hopped on Twitter to promote her previous work, as any brand manager might. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody took issue with her over boosting the minimum wage workers’ struggle while the SEIU action was unfolding. It’s an important fight and it’s good that it’s getting attention.

Then, as part of a series of tweets promoting her article from April (ostensibly to generate page-views in conjunction with the ongoing SEIU action that day), Kendzior tweeted this:

"Not All Corporations"

“Not All Corporations”

I’m not a scholar™ – but I’m pretty sure many of my comrades might take issue with this individualistic/moralistic pablum delivered as a grossly imprecise, absolutist pseudo-platitude. Criticism of the tweet was swift and ran the gamut from my own, “height of liberalism” riposte to more measured, anticapitalist exposition. What happened to the more engaging, left criticism – you might ask? Kendzior went on an immediate uninformed, disingenuous and eventually ad hominem attack:

Multi-generational, East Coast elite says worker only  supports "labor as an abstraction."

Multi-generational, East Coast elite says worker only supports “labor as an abstraction.”

Now, I don’t know where Kendzior got the notion that “Emma Quangel” only supports “labor as an abstraction” or that disagreeing with Kendzior’s liberal assessment of corporations meant she did “not appear to support workers.” From my vantage point, both of these were bad faith attacks that grossly misrepresented Quangel’s position and cast doubt on her legitimacy as a worker. If I were Quangel, I would’ve been furious. This, of course, would only prove more absurd coming from Kendzior after I investigated her highly privileged background, but I digress. Glass houses and whatnot…

But this back-and-forth is when the “rape threat” of Jacobingazi legend apparently was emailed to Kendzior. Now, I’m not concerned with whether she got a threat or not. I imagine she did because she says she did and prominent women are continually harassed in ways meant to silence them. But I do want to address two things that weren’t adequately addressed during that Social Media upheaval.

First, what purpose would threatening Kendzior serve to anyone trying to actually get her to go on the record with what are clearly, at best, her atrocious liberal, “#NotAllCorporations” politics? Threats of violence are attempts to silence people. Nobody I know wants Kendzior silenced. I want to know exactly what her politics are – and threats of violence, particularly gender violence in this space – undeniably prevent that from happening.

Second, and this is important: by Kendzior’s own account, she received an “anonymous email.” Keep in mind that she had just written (in April) a piece uncritically lauding the SEIU’s “Fight for Fifteen” and was arguing on behalf of fast food workers when she was threatened. And yet immediately, she identified the source of the threat to who? “Brocialists”:

Mocking threats

Now, overlooking the “mocking” tone that Kendzior herself first employed above (for her own, political purposes), anyone with even a cursory understanding of counterintelligence knows that “anonymous letters” were the bread and butter of the US’ COINTELPRO operations against domestic dissidents in the 1960s and 1970s. I’d be hard-pressed to imagine similar strategies aren’t at work today in these spaces. Kendzior, however, a PhD whose focus was on Uzbek dissidents using social media, took the allegedly leftist (anonymous) author at their word and began mocking “brocialists.” And that was that. A star was born.

The “left” now had a wholly manufactured “rape threat” problem (which, of course it does have – because the world has a rape problem), despite the utter impossibility of assigning an anonymous email to anyone (of any political ideology) at all. And, despite giving her space, nobody ever got Kendzior to further articulate her “not all corporations” inanity. Then “Bro Bash” was published and the shitstorm of lies went “full tilt.”

Why nobody stopped to ask how anyone knew the rape threat had emanated from a leftist, I’ll never know. What I do know is that I observed, dishearteningly, as many organizers and activists stoked fires of outrage against my hated/beloved “left” over an anonymous, wholly-unsourceable email. At the outset, assigning it to a “brocialist” was unverifiable. This, of course, was the first thing that rang my “stranger danger” alarms about Kendzior. It didn’t (and still doesn’t) add up.

So I started doing research and kept paying attention.

– – – –


“The performative anti-sexist is certainly capable of learning and navigating those very same grammars to his advantage. It’s many a “good leftist guy” who has done all the reading, learned all the terminology, and used it as evidence of his harmlessness.” – Amber A’Lee Frost, Bro Bash


Having now seen a few of Kendzior’s “tells” up close, I stepped back. I observed. At Molly Crabapple’s private urgings, I publicly denounced “rape threats.” (Who wouldn’t?) But as I sat back and watched, I thought a lot about Frost’s words: “capable of learning and navigating those very same grammars” struck me as particularly significant. I wondered if they could be applied to other folks touring in anti-oppression communities. Scholars? Activist Journalists? Over-hyped doodlers?

I kept an eye on the Celebrity Left and, as always, engaged them – as I would and have anyone, really – whenever their rhetoric struck a discordant note. The way radical language and ideas are churned up by power, stripped of their revolutionary potential, sanitized and then redeployed by liberals has always interested me, so I pay attention to it. Further, any “anarchist” can tell you what it’s like to spar with “Libertarians” or “Anarcho-Capitalists” who continue to encroach on our identifying words, “Libertarian Socialism” and “Anarchism.” It’s a constant struggle against the churning machine of appropriation.

Then in early August, Mike Brown was brutally murdered by the pigs in Ferguson and the people rose up. I hate cops, so I paid rapt attention.

Doug Williams, the target of Kendzior’s most recent libel, apparently noticed some of the same things I saw as events unfolded in Missouri. Kendzior (among many others, to be sure) dropped any pretense of gesturing at leftism and began parroting dangerous, historically racist language and even cited white supremacist websites to back her claims. She “othered” anarchists, exposing my comrades to more scrutiny by the hyper-violent state (and the self-appointed “peace police”) at a time when the focus should’ve been wholly on the cops and the white supremacist system they undoubtedly serve.

Williams, of course, openly addressed similar concerns in both Jacobin and The New Inquiry. So as Kendzior wrote “After Ferguson,” sang “We Shall Overcome” and ushered folks into her friend Antonio French’s Democratic Party Premature Healing Campaign while National Guard soldiers still patrolled its streets, Williams articulated observations I myself could all but stammer angrily on Twitter.

In Love Me, I’m A Liberal, he wrote:


As seen in the responses to Ferguson, many liberals today excel at aping leftist aesthetics in order to earn trust into a community while simultaneously resurrecting anti-leftist slurs like “outside agitator.” They pulverize words like “intersectionality” into a meaningless oblivion, and turn them into signals that, yes, they have also taken a Sociology 201 class. They “get it.”


Williams’ words reminded me, almost immediately, of Frost’s “performative anti-sexist,” only with Kendzior “aping leftist aesthetics in order to earn trust into a community” instead of a “good leftist guy.” Could Kendzior be “capable of learning and navigating those very same grammars” in order to insinuate herself into our dissident communities, online and in Ferguson? Well. Isn’t that exactly what her PhD trained her to do?

I think now, upon further study, that Kendzior’s knee-jerk reversion to state-supporting narratives at the height of the rebellion in Ferguson betrayed her neoconservative, colonial tourism that is otherwise so expertly swaddled in left-gesturing niceties. This is of concern to me, because as Williams observed in Nothing Short of A Revolution, I agree that:


Language matters. The forces of reaction, repression, and revanchism have long understood this, and they have used it to their advantage. Let us use our own language, that of liberation, working-class power, and revolution, to ensure that Michael Brown’s death was not in vain.

Sarah Kendzior knows language matters. She’s a PhD who had to learn a relatively obscure, Central Asian language out of necessity during the course of her studies in order to gain access to Uzbek dissidents on social media. She hails from a long line of Ivy-educated, Connecticut Yankees who have had important, government careers defending police from charges of wrongdoing and murder. Her grandfather worked for Wendell Willkie, the founder of Freedom House – a notorious, neoconservative NGO Kendzior would later work for that was expressly founded to propagandize US imperial adventures… Wait, what?

%22Opportunistic Communist%22 torch

Yup. Sarah Kendzior, who openly bashed communists in Ferguson worked for Freedom House, an organization that “took up the struggle against the… great twentieth century totalitarian threat, Communism” and is widely considered “a flak producing machine”, “an infamous CIA/State Department outfit” and “nothing but a façade for the special services of the United States.”

Is it possible she’s learned our radical Twitter language, too? Mastered hip, liberal white feminist “intersectionality” to either study it or destroy it, or just use it as a tool to further her career as a colonial observer? I can’t imagine leftist Twitter jargon is as difficult to learn as Uzbek, is it?

Now know this: I don’t want any harm to come to Sarah Kendzior of any kind and I definitely don’t want her “silenced.” I want her to actually start talking. As Joe Macaré has said, “be accountable.” If the damage she has done was accidental, she could start by apologizing to the hardworking comrades she has smeared relentlessly for the past year and acknowledge the issues raised above. She could start with Doug Williams and work her way back to Jacobingazi.

She could explain how working for Freedom House didn’t challenge her ethics, but writing under revised editorial guidelines at Al Jazeera did. She could address working for Freedom House at all. She could articulate any politics whatsoever other than a general, progressive headnod. She could explain what “Not All Corporations” means. She could explain why she linked to white supremacist website to smear communist organizers. She could explain why she seems so driven to get on to the healing in Ferguson, despite Gary Younge’s observation after the Zimmerman verdict that “Those who now fear violent social disorder must ask themselves whose interests are served by a violent social order in which young black men can be thus slain and discarded.”

She could do all of this, but I doubt she will. Because she isn’t a part of our community and doesn’t feel a need to be accountable to it. Because it isn’t “infighting” if you’re questioning the political opportunism of a libel-spewing neocon. And her neoconartist brand has not yet once apologized for any of its abuses.

And if she won’t be more forthright, the wreckage she has created and the troubling fact that she has openly played for the casino itself is enough for me to cash out of this game and to tell all my comrades to avoid playing with her or anyone who continues to play with her. Is she a paid, government provocateur? I can’t say for sure. But I, for one, won’t get hustled by someone playing at the table with house money. I know those are terrible odds.

It’s not a game.

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28 Responses to Stranger Danger: The Infiltration of Dissident Communities by Freedom House’s Sarah Kendzior

  1. roastyagain says:

    Fantastically laid out my friend, very well done. Not much to add to this, it strikes at the root of why she makes me uneasy (I actually wasn’t in the slightest bit aware of her prior to the ‘Jacobinghazi’ stuff). Her attacks on anyone critical of her words/work particularly strike me- if you are in a position, wittingly or not, of being a ‘celebrity leftist’ then criticism should be *welcomed* in my view. Any dalliance with celebrity, no matter how minor, has the potential to erase leftism – celebrity is in and of itself insidious in that way. We can all point to people who probably were genuinely leftist at one time (not saying she ever was) that were moderated/liberalized by embracing some form of celebrity. Criticism *particularly from non-celebrities on the left* is probably the best antidote for that.

    In other words when you have celebrity forced upon you as a leftist, criticism becomes a refuge for you to make sure you yourself aren’t succumbing to it’s wiles. Embracing criticism ensures that your own ideas aren’t being unduly influenced by the power you’re suddenly in much closer proximity to. The moment criticism doesn’t make you thoughtful, but defensive, the ‘celebrity’ has won.

    • Tarzie says:

      In other words when you have celebrity forced upon you as a leftist…

      Pretty sure the last authentic leftists to have celebrity forced upon them lived in the sixties and ended up murdered. What other people call sellouts, I call smart buys.

      In any case, Kendzior seems very far from even a well intentioned social democrat, like most of her other celebrity left peers. There is no honesty or principles to hold them to.

      • roastyagain says:

        Yeah “forced upon” was a poor choice of words given your correct assertion that it doesn’t actually go down like that. My point was mainly that *if* authentic celeb lefts existed, they would welcome criticism, & the Graeber/SK/etc responses to it belie their inauthenticy (whether it’s bumbling inauthenticity or calculated)

  2. JS says:

    she’s right wing. you’re right & this is important. but if I were plotting to infiltrate the twitter left now the best way to get credibility you don’t deserve is to get smeared by Sarah Kendzior. bro bash was right wing & jacobin isn’t great. #js

    • olaasm says:

      I like the cut of your jib and I always appreciate comments that insist on centering an ultra-left perspective. Thanks for the reminder here.

    • Tarzie says:

      I have to admit that when suspicions of organized defamation started arising around Jacobinghazi, I thought, really? Why? They’re Chris Hayes’ favorite radicals. They get kudos in The New York Times.

      But I think Marxists have been pushing back the hardest against this kind of discourse that places questions like ‘How do you know they were brocialists?’ out of bounds. That’s what Bro Bash was doing in part and that’s what Doug Williams was doing in part. Any discourse that demands people just turn off their brains and defer uncritically because ‘threats’ or because someone has all the aesthetic trappings of ‘left’ provides unlimited opportunities for wolves. It follows that the wolves will try to protect it. Someone had also noticed that there had been an uptick in anti-imperialist pieces at Jacobin also.

      Frost and Jacobin were only the catalyst, anyway. Kendzior wasn’t just attacking Jacobin and three Marxist feminists, she was smearing radicals generally, something that all the Celebrity Lefts have been doing for the past year, though with far less zeal than Kendzior, who is really in a class of her own. Also, since disciplining the left is about defining the outer limits, it’s more efficient to hammer the most tepid outfit on the block, than to start at the fringes and work your way in.

      • srogouski says:

        She attacked Jacobin for the same reason she wouldn’t attack someone like me. They have an audience (especially in mainstream liberal circles). They’ve been set up by liberals in the corporate media as the new, hip young Marxists.

        I think Foust actually gave the game away fairly early, mostly because he’s a moron. A good smear campaign doesn’t directly make accusations. It implies accusations. Foust blundered into the whole campaign directly accusing Jacobin of making rape threats, then backpedaling when he couldn’t defend it.

        The most bizarre attack was against Elizabeth Bruenig (who’s more of a conservative than a leftist). Kendzior told flat out lies about an essay that was public, that anybody could check.

      • JS says:

        Yeah makes sense. I should have said I agree everybody “on the left” definitely needs to defend them when they’re attacked from the right. Always keep our eyes open & remember our own agenda/s too.

      • So now that the JbJabroni affair has gone down, it’s the same playbook as Kendzior vs Megan Erickson.

        Say you had to take radical direct action for your own safety. Make a non-credible claim somebody is threatening you with rape, then get a major news source (Newsweek, Guardian) to credulously report your side of the story (as a tech culture / personality story, not an investigative story). Character assassination accomplished.

  3. srogouski says:

    Reblogged this on Stanley W. Rogouski and commented:
    I have no idea who the anonymous author of this article on Oakland Anti-Social Media is. For all I know it could be Barack Obama himself. So, as always, take anything you read with a grain of salt.

    Nevertheless, I’ve noticed the same things about Sarah Kendzior. Her attempts to smear Megan Erickson, Amber Frost, and Elizabeth Bruenig were not only disgusting, they gave off the vibe of being professional media hit jobs.

    I have my differences with Jacobin Magazine and their largely statist social democratic politics. But to their credit, they’re open about who they are. Why is a woman who’s associated with “Freedom House” and SEIU trying to ruin their reputation?

    It’s worth thinking about.

    • olaasm says:

      I have my differences with Jacobin Magazine and their largely statist social democratic politics. But to their credit, they’re open about who they are. Why is a woman who’s associated with “Freedom House” and SEIU trying to ruin their reputation?

      Definitely worth thinking about. Agreed.

  4. Comrade Daisy says:

    Wait a minute! Is she of the East Greenwich Kendziors? We used to summer with them in West Egg. Kendzior…good Yankee name that. Mayflower family, no? Let me consult the Social Register.

  5. Knickelas Knickelby says:

    This is just the thinnest gruel, and I’ve been to Dickensian fantasy camp. It’s basically a bizarre conspiracy theory wrapped in a crappy poker metaphor. Your hand is a two, a three, a joker, the rules and your optometrist’s business card. Most experienced players would fold this hand. I did enjoy the Rounders clip, though.

  6. Arch Stanton says:

    Don’t buy that she’s a mastermind. Just another desperate, unemployable PhD who’ll cash the checks of anyone who’ll make them out to her. Also, a paranoid narcissist.

    • a former friend of SK says:

      I have to agree. She’s no mastermind, she’s a young mother who got sucked into doing a PhD then had a rude awakening and has since scrambled to find work, often making bad choices along the way.

      I’m certainly not defending her politics here, they’re awful. But she’s not a mastermind, and she is pretty weak emotionally, which explains (though does not excuse) her reactions. The threats that she seems to be getting have only exacerbated that.

  7. srogouski says:

    Read the link to Freedom House Wow. They’re nastier than I thought, not just an old Cold War liberal think tank, but hard core neocon. Otto Reich?

    • olaasm says:

      They are horrible. There’s no way one accidentally works with them, unless they’re a soulless shit-peddler without an ounce of integrity. If I’m being honest. 😉

  8. Sarah Kendzior and Joshua Foust used the same tactics to Cathy Fitzpatrick a few years ago on a disagreement over Uzbekistan. Fitzpatrick, a “centrist” statist who worked with the UN on human rights in Central Asia and has similar expertise to Kendzior in the area. When Fitzpatrick called out Kendzior for her subtle support of Uzbek autocrats, Kendzior’s response was to threaten to go to the police over Fitzpatricks harassment, and then badger into banning Fitzpatrick from publishing there.

    Same tactics – find somebody who disagrees with you, claim you’re being threatened, and run them out of a job.

    Cathy Fitzpatrick, Amber Frost, Megan Erickson – it’s funny how Sarah Kendzior’s defenders cast their support of her as a feminist issue when so many women have had their careers or reputations damaged as a result of Kendziors actions.

    • srogouski says:


      “In all her works before this as well, Kendzior has been all about amplifying the oppression in these countries and scarifying with it, and minimizing the brave people who counter the repression every day. Basically, she is opting for a quietism and even defeatist approach which ultimately only serves these regimes.”

      • Coming back to this 6 months later (and seeing that Catfitz quote pointed out by srougouski) it’s pretty clear that Kendzior’s M.O. w/r/t “Leftist Twitter” takes a page out of the Karimov playbook: disrupt, distract, demoralize.

        In her academic writing, SK advances a theory of “Networked Authoritariansim” by which post-Soviet autocrats, now lacking a pervasive Soviet-style police apparatus, will subvert activist movements by essentially creating viral social media content to demoralize activists – she cites an example of Uzbek activists whose torture and and imprisonment ended up being “leaked” and shared heavily on Youtube by agents (“trolls”) of the Karimov government.

        The desired result, as Catfitz noticed years ago, is to induce despair among activists and discourage them by making them afraid to speak out.

        Consider how in the last 6 months this attitude has taken hold on Twitter – differences of opinion are cast as “harassment” and critiques as “violence.” Twitter is should be considered an “unsafe space” and not suitable for organizing or outreach.

        Simultaneously, victimhood is situated as the sole site of authority – only those who are (constantly) under attack (by unseen, nameless “harassers” whose sole motivation is hatred of women) can make political assertions. Any critique of those assertions is playing into the hands of “harassers.”

      • The other thing about Twitter over the last 6 months is that you have an organized, purportedly “apolitical” (“We’re about ethics in video games journalism”) reactionary harassment campaign being directed at these same upwardly-mobile liberals.
        Twice I’ve seen the sleight of hand of leftist critics of the liberal establishment get cast as “gamergate-style harassers” or even as “gamergaters” themselves. (Doug Williams, recently, and JB Jabroni, back in December).

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  10. I first clashed with Kendzior over her Al Jazeera wankpiece about how “the lunatic fringe” (the right) had captured political discourse (meaning Congress and state houses) and were thus making poor people suffer. If I had known her right-wing training and anticommunist agenda back then..! Anyway, I had taken her more or less at her word – another twitter liberal who was sure she had the correct analysis. She did not disappoint on the last part, deflecting skillfully when I and another disabled tweep (who ironically had me blocked already) pointed out that bolstering that sort of rhetoric could backfire on us while disabled people are already forced through hoops that can kill us from stress to get a near-useless pension.

    She used standard ableist gaslighting of the “How could I possibly be An Ableist?” kind before blocking when she realized we had answers and were willing to insist on being taken seriously. Deriding one of the left and right’s favorite punching bags, mentally ill people, she slid deeper into left and liberal circles to the point that a legitimate intersectional feminist insisted that I read more and more similarly ableist apologetics (“dear deluded one…” as a special example) until I shut up about it. deploying these actually hinged on thinking Kendzior was a WOC like the apologist I spoke to. I don’t know who was responsible for that misunderstanding, as it subsequently confused me until Kendzior clarified herself inadvertently.

    At any rate, this is an appropriately balanced take on the rape threats – “rape threat problem” pegged my bullshit meter too when we already discuss “rape culture”, etc. – and I appreciate it.

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