About Us


There once was a fetid swamp full of white bourgeois, liberal bilge called Occupy Los Angeles… We found each other there and emerged from that muck and mire still believing that we can win. Ask us about it at the barricades sometime.

We are sometimes anti-social – but always anti-fascist. We like to smash things but sometimes our smashing is purely figurative. Some of us don’t run as fast as we once did. But we never begrudge those who still do and are inspired by those who try hard.

Internet “peace activist” and notorious blogger Sue Basko cut her internet teeth defaming us. Chris Hedges, Kevin Zeese, and Tina Dupuy all suggested we were pigs. David Sirota said we should ‘go fuck ourselves.’ Boots Riley said we were “cointelpro-like.” Having drawn the ire of such liberal luminaries, we think we must be doing something right.

We are a dynamic and evolving community who eschew authorship, believing it provokes ego and craving. We promote anonymity, collective decision-making, community and truth. We have modeled this blog, tumblr and twitter feed on the Black Bloc tactic – erasing identity and promoting solidarity – as a symbol against the corruption inherent within our movement, representing that of the wider world. All our content is open source to those who are our comrades in anti-capitalist struggle.

For submissions or other inquiries, feel free to email OLAASM.

2 Responses to About Us

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  2. Thomas Smith says:

    You idiots- fascism is smashing and destroying and threatening those whom you disagree with. Fascism is political hatred. YOU entitled crybullies are the fascists. Fuck you and your Nazi ideology. FREE SPEECH FOREVER!!! BTW- I am a public school teacher in New York City. I devout my time telling my students to watch out for racist and violent fascist thugs like you. tsis100@hotmail.com.

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