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What Is To Be Undone?

Submitted by a comrade from Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART)   Timed to occur just before the UN opened a Global Climate Summit, the Peoples’ Climate March in New York drew about 400,000 people into the streets, and … Continue reading

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Stranger Danger: The Infiltration of Dissident Communities by Freedom House’s Sarah Kendzior

I can forgive you if you can’t recognize a hustle when you see one, let alone identify when you yourself are being targeted by that very hustle. Con artists, after all, rely on your confidence and trust in order to … Continue reading

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Inept Empire

Originally posted on Stupidity Tries:
During Obama’s latest address to the nation in which he reminds us that he’s going to keep bombing MENA no matter what we think about it, Intercept journalist Jeremy Scahill was busy firing off a flurry of tweets noting some of…

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